Duncan van Bergen: Interview with CarbonWire

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2024

Duncan Van Bergen was recently interviewed by CarbonWire. Below is a short excerpt from the conversation:

"In an insightful exchange with Hemant Bohra, Editor of Carbon Wire, Duncan Van Bergen, Co-founder of Calyx Global, delves into the evolving landscape of carbon credit markets. This discussion throws light on the buyer’s journey amidst shifting trust paradigms, the integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in rating frameworks, and the potential synergies between high-impact projects and data transparency. 

CWWhat will be the carbon credit buyer’s journey three years from now?

DUNCAN: It’s indeed a compelling question. What will it be three years from now? To forecast that, we must navigate from the current state, which is marred by a crisis of confidence. The issue isn’t the absence of quality, but rather, it’s the substantial variability we see in our rating distribution curve. Users are becoming increasingly aware of this. The years 2022 and 2023 have been quite revealing, and as a result, buyers are now far more informed.

Some narratives in the past two years have been sensational but necessary. They’ve brought to light real issues with certain carbon credits and methodologies, highlighting the urgency and concerns of users. People want to utilize carbon credits, but they are wary due to these stories.

The journey for buyers can be complex and challenging for buyers because it requires going beyond certification and verification by established standards. The information available isn’t straightforward, making it tough for buyers to determine the best course of action. This is where carbon credit rating agencies like ours step in to provide crucial information that buyers can use to make more confident decisions. We fill that advisory role today.

Looking ahead, I’d first consider how the market might change. Assuming we overcome the current crisis of confidence, I expect the market to grow, with ratings becoming more institutionalized. Initiatives like the ICVCM will likely introduce more structured guardrails. Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised by an increase in regulatory measures and a closer alignment between voluntary and compliance markets. There are already signs of this shift, like the regulations enacted in California regarding corporate climate action disclosures.

The market in three years, hopefully, will benefit from the additional insights now available to users, allowing for more informed and conscious choices. These developments are essential for the market to recover from the recent wobbles, which began in the latter half of 2022 and continued into 2023. It’s too soon to declare a rebound, but the seeds of change are there."

Duncan goes on to describe the complexities and challenges for buyers in the carbon markets today and answers questions regarding Calyx Global ratings and Duncan's advice for credit buyers.

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