Rigorous, peer reviewed frameworks for carbon credit ratings

We’ve been told we can be a tough critic and we don’t deny it. We are dedicated to delivering you unbiased, exceptional analysis and unvarnished insights. We are clear on the risks and benefits of a project, so that you can make better decisions for yourself, your company and the planet.

How we’re different

We use peer-reviewed frameworks to analyze  greenhouse gas claim (GHG) integrity, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) impact and environmental and social risks. By evaluating all three elements separately,  you can more clearly and confidently identify credits that align with your goals.

  • Oversight by some of the world’s most experienced climate scientists 

  • Ratings by vintage reflect changes in project conditions over time

  • Alignment with the Core Carbon Principles of the ICVCM

  • Greenhouse gas claims evaluated project by project

  • SDG claims receive the same level of tough scrutiny as GHG claims

  • Advanced use of remote-sensing and geographic information systems (GIS)

Analyzing the greenhouse gas impact of carbon credits

Calyx Global GHG ratings are an assessment of risk that credits do not represent one tonne of removed or reduced CO₂. Our overarching evaluation framework has been peer-reviewed by leading carbon methodology experts and is used to build project type-specific frameworks that ensure consistency in our rating approach.

Our project-level assessments evaluate four risk factors that are consistent with the ICVCM’s core carbon principles:

  • Additionality 

  • Over-crediting (including baseline, project emissions, leakage)

  • Permanence

  • Overlapping claims

Sustainable Development Goal impact of carbon credits

The UN adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets aimed at creating a healthier planet and equitable society. We evaluate and provide a rating for every individual SDG claim made by a project, down to the target level - so you can invest with confidence in carbon credits that support your goals.

Our SDG analysis evaluates the level of impact achieved and the quality of evidence provided, including:

  • Level of change achieved

  • How a project's activities lead to targeted change and impact 

  • Methodology used to monitor SDGs contributions  

  • Quality of reported evidence   

Screening for environmental and social risks

Environmental and social safeguards protect people and areas impacted by a carbon project from harm, and are an integral part of carbon credit quality. Our analysis of environmental and social risks covers 10 risk areas and 55 sub-areas, going far beyond today’s requirements of any carbon crediting program. By evaluating risk beyond GHG, you are protecting your reputation, people and places on multiple dimensions. 

Our screening and analysis:

  • Looks at factors that affect risk far beyond the most rigorous carbon crediting program

  • Aligns with international best practices on safeguards

  • Has multiple levels of screening and analysis options

  • Includes labor rights, health, safety and security, land rights, biodiversity, transparency and benefit sharing, access to justice and more

"Calyx Global's rigor and variety of project types have been an essential part of building high-quality carbon portfolios that we, and our customers, can be confident in." 

Shyla Raghav

Our demanding process delivers carbon credit ratings, insights and analytics to help you make informed carbon credit decisions and navigate the market with greater impact and less risk.

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