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Thursday, 18 Jan 2024


Buyers can effortlessly purchase an affordable, science-backed portfolio of carbon credits.

CNaught’s mission is to retire one billion tonnes of carbon in the next decade by making it easier for carbon buyers to drive real climate impact. Combining science and software, CNaught enables customers to create an account, access a curated, science-backed portfolio of highly-rated carbon projects and easily make an affordable purchase in minutes. Customers also get storytelling tools to help them share their impact stories with their stakeholders. The platform’s typical customers are mid-sized companies who seek quality and ease without having to build in-house carbon expertise. 

How Calyx Global helps

CNaught uses Calyx Global’s carbon credit ratings and insights platform to help ensure they are the trustworthy choice for carbon credit buyers while maximizing impact. Specifically, they use the platform to:

  1. Identify reliable, high-quality projects to include in their portfolio. CNaught supports only projects that are likely to deliver on their claims. Calyx Global’s rigorous evaluation and easy to use platform helps them to discover and understand which credits are most likely to do just that.
  2. Help build diverse portfolios that hold multiple types of high-quality projects. Calyx Global’s large breadth of project types along with its systematic approach to ratings allows CNaught to compare the impact of different projects across multiple project types in an apples-to-apples manner.
  3. Earn trust with customers by offering a credible third-party opinion. They share ratings and the Calyx Global name with their customers to give the confidence that comes from evaluations by an unbiased third party and not just them or the project developer.

“We don't tell our customers just to trust us. We can point to Calyx Global as a trusted voice to validate our work and our effort to provide quality.”

The team at CNaught chose to tap into the Calyx Global Platform because of the breadth of coverage in the number of ratings as well as project types, in addition to the support they get as a customer and partner. CNaught is also excited to be able to use the Calyx Global environmental and social risk screening and analysis. 

“I'm really excited about the new effort to look beyond carbon to things like environmental and social risks, because the first do no harm principle is really important to us. We've avoided some projects where we've seen some of these issues, and that has been the right choice for us and our customers.”

At Calyx Global, we’re thrilled to see CNaught making climate action easier and more reliable, and we are proud to do what we can to help facilitate that.

Learn more about CNaught here or reach out to request a demo of the Calyx Global platform.

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