Interview: Duncan van Bergen & Carbon Exposure Project

Wednesday, 22 Nov 2023

Calyx Global co-founder Duncan van Bergen shares thoughts and drinks with host Rene Velasquez in this exclusive interview on the Carbon Exposure Project. Duncan and Rene dig into salient topics that affect carbon credit buyers and everyone involved in the carbon market, including:

  1. How do we build trust in the carbon markets?
  2. What role does the market play in broader climate action plans, and how can it be leveraged to its full potential?
  3. What are the “unpolished gems” or “ugly duckling” projects that Calyx Global has encountered in the carbon markets?

As Duncan notes, “We need to make it easier for businesses that use carbon credits to find their way to quality, so that they achieve more impact and also so that they can avoid the risk.” Watch Rene and Duncan draw on a plethora of playful analogies and specific examples as they explore these questions and more in the full video:

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