Announcing the CNaught and Calyx Global Portfolio Partnership

Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024

Buying carbon credits is no small feat. Due diligence is critical to managing risk and maximizing impact, but it requires digging through extensive documentation and engaging various experts. On top of that, the carbon credit purchase process is a frustrating journey that is often full of dead-ends like no inventory or non-responsive sellers. That’s why Calyx Global teamed up with CNaught to help make purchasing credits easier. The portfolio allows buyers to access credits highly rated by Calyx Global through CNaught in minutes. 

Learn more about the portfolio from Steve Siger, CNaught Co-founder and Donna Lee, Calyx Global Co-founder:


GreenBiz is the first customer of the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio. They will use carbon credits from the portfolio to help mitigate the carbon footprint of their four largest conferences and enable event attendees to mitigate their own carbon emissions associated with travel to the conferences.

“In our ongoing effort to mitigate our emissions and make GreenBiz events spaces where we don’t simply talk about climate action, but also create the future we want to live in, we’re proud to partner with CNaught and its Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio to retire credits exclusively from high-quality projects that have been rigorously vetted by the CNaught and Calyx Global teams,” said Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz Group

What makes the Calyx Global and CNaught Partnership unique

CNaught and Calyx Global are aligned in our desire to make high-quality climate action easier and more reliable. By partnering we can combine the best of both worlds: CNaught does the hard work to source credits and make purchasing easy, while Calyx Global provides independent analysis on the project’s quality. This portfolio is assembled and sold by CNaught – one way in which Calyx Global maintains its independence is by not selling carbon credits.

Each project within the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio has undergone a high level of scrutiny and diligence for greenhouse gas integrity, ensuring that the credits are within the top 10% of our GHG integrity ratings. In addition, all credits in the portfolio have undergone an environmental and social risk (ESR) screening, with no credit representing beyond a “moderate” risk (projects are assessed as having no, low, moderate, significant or high risk under Calyx Global ESR screening framework). As a result, buyers of the ratings-backed portfolio can trust that they are mitigating risk and maximizing impact with their carbon credit choice. 

“Buyers of this portfolio can have the peace of mind that comes with a high Calyx Global rating and take immediate action on their climate goals with CNaught’s easy purchase process,” said Duncan van Bergen, Calyx Global co-founder.

How to Access the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio

To access the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio, visit Attendees of the upcoming GreenFin and Circularity events can also check out the dedicated conference tools to mitigate the impact of their travel with the Calyx Global Highly-Rated portfolio.

Calyx Global does not sell credits, but we do work with trusted partners to help them and their customers achieve greater impact. To learn more about the Calyx Global approach to ratings, request a demo.

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