What does it mean to be driven by impact?

Thursday, 07 Mar 2024

What does it mean to be driven by impact? At Calyx Global, we strive to produce a better world for everyone. This mission is at the core of our work, and at the core of our work culture. The Impact 100 Awards recognizes and celebrates the most impactful companies to work for across the world. In this blog, we share perspectives from within Calyx Global, on what it means to be a part of our team:

"Working for Calyx Global has been a fulfilling experience for me as I contribute to meaningful results through carbon project quality assessment regarding GHG integrity and the implementation of social and environmental safeguards. My role allows me to witness the tangible impact of Calyx Global, promoting integral projects that deliver positive change on a local and global scale. Moreover, the diverse and inclusive environment at the company, with colleagues from around the world, including my home country, Brazil, adds a rich cultural tapestry to our collaborative efforts, fostering a dynamic and innovative workplace."
- Gustavo Andrade Reginato, Senior Analyst

“As a Software Engineer at Calyx Global, I’m genuinely excited about applying my tech expertise to fuel our mission – transforming the carbon market to create a significant impact on climate and sustainability. It’s incredibly rewarding to collaborate with such a diverse team, all focused on harnessing technology for positive change in the fight against climate change. I get a real sense of fulfillment knowing that the tools and solutions I develop are helping to bring our in-depth climate research directly to our clients.”
- Archit, Senior Software Engineer

“In my life I try to be the change I want to see in the world. At Calyx Global I feel inspired more than disheartened. The work that we’re doing is producing a real, positive impact in helping to shape of the carbon market today, which has the potential to significantly affect our climate future.”
- Alex Marshall, GHG Research Analyst

Speaking to members of our team, you will find one thing in common: a passion to do the right thing. We are proud to leverage this passion and our climate and carbon science, technology and business expertise to produce a force for good in the carbon markets. It is an honor to be recognized in the Impact100 awards and we look forward to sharing additional content celebrating the Impact 100 winners. 

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