Setting the Bar for Rating Non-carbon Benefits

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

For Calyx Global, carbon credit quality extends beyond greenhouse gas integrity to encompass social and environmental impacts. Aligned with our mission to enhance the impact of carbon markets for positive societal outcomes, we are committed to providing transparent and standardized information on the additional benefits carbon projects deliver to society and the environment.

To date, we’ve rated over 450 carbon projects for GHG risk and the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) contributions of over 240 carbon projects. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to assessing the positive impact on SDGs. In a previous blog, we outlined how we evaluate SDG contributions. This blog unpacks how companies use our SDG ratings as a valuable tool for informed decision-making.

Calyx Global’s unique approach to SDG ratings
  1. Granular assessments for greater assurance. Our SDG rating framework stands out for its meticulous evaluation of all verified project contributions, whether claimed by the project or identified during our desk-based analysis. Assessments go beyond the carbon crediting standard level, to apply the Calyx Global SDG framework on individual projects. This process covers all 17 SDGs and 169 targets, providing in-depth insights into each project’s impact down to the SDG target level.
  2. SDG benefits beyond nature-based projects. We recognize each project’s potential and role in sustainable development, regardless of project type. Our SDG ratings create a level playing field, allowing comparison across diverse project types, including technology-based activities that are typically under-represented when discussing benefits beyond carbon. 
  3. Comparability for informed decisions. We ensure a standardized assessment and rating process by applying our methodology consistently across various projects. This means that investors and buyers can compare projects not only within the same category but also across different types, enabling them to make more informed decisions and prioritize projects that align with their mission and values.
  4. Commitment to transparency. We have openly shared our approach to SDG ratings to help guide project developers and carbon crediting programs and inform carbon credit buyers due diligence process. This commitment to transparency fosters accountability and aligns with our mission of creating better markets for the planet and people.
  5. Going beyond the checkbox. Our approach goes beyond a simple “yes or no” for SDG benefits. SDG analysis is done on the quality of evidence and level of contributions for each and every SDG claim of a carbon project. As a result, carbon credit purchasers can choose the credits that maximize progress on their company’s goals and be more confident in their own claims.
The only platform for quantifying and understanding SDG impact  

Insights beyond AI. We have seen organizations simply use AI to scan project documents for SDGs, but our human experts go deeper. Our dedicated team of sustainable development experts provides nuanced interpretations and deeper insights into project impacts that AI can miss or misinterpret. As a result, carbon credit buyers receive additional, more accurate and often critical information on the project’s impact.

Independent oversight panel. Behind our SDG Impact Ratings stands our independent SDG Panel, composed of world-renowned sustainable development experts with decades of experience working within and around projects across the globe. They contribute to the refinement and enhancement of our approach, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness in an evolving market.

Information tailored for customers’ needs. Our platform offers research and analysis of claimed SDG benefits at multiple levels. Whether carbon credit buyers are looking for basic SDG contribution quality checks or insights to inform their ESG stories, our platform caters to diverse informational needs, enabling stakeholders to access the level of detail that aligns with their objectives and priorities. 

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our SDG rating products and stay tuned for more insights from our Beyond Carbon Series posts, where we delve deeper into sustainability topics and industry trends.

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