Current Calyx Risk Ratings Distribution

Sunday, 16 Jun 2024

Calyx Global has to date assessed and rated 450+ carbon projects across more than 10 different credit types (including nature and technology-based credits) and 6 different crediting standards.

We find variability of quality no matter what parameter is selected (type, standard, country, CORSIA eligibility, and more). Sometimes the variability goes all the way from high risk (i.e. poor quality) to low risk, sometimes it is less broad, but a range (distribution) is nearly always there. While quality credits can be found in today’s market, there are few credit types that consistently deliver high quality.

The same remark is valid for the impact of the SDGs. Among certified projects (e.g., CCB, SD VISta, Gold Standard for the Global Goals), we find differences in the degree of impact and level of evidence provided. This leads to Calyx SDG Ratings from +1 to +5 , with +5 being the best rating that can be obtained in our framework.

Below are two charts that show a distribution of Calyx Ratings. These charts will be updated as our coverage grows.

450+ projects rated in total.

GHG Risk Rating Distribution

SDG Impact Rating Distribution

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