Solutions to help you choose better credits

Get access to Calyx Ratings and insights in the way that is most helpful for you; so you can choose carbon credits with more impact and less risk.


Calyx Ratings Service

Whether you are a company choosing credits for an offsetting program or a broker, trader, investor or marketplace deciding what credits to include in your platform: make decisions that lead to more impact and help prevent reputational or financial exposure.

By subscribing to the Calyx Ratings Service you get online access to Calyx Global’s latest ratings – now more than 460.

Sort or filter by rating, type, location or other attributes. We have nature-based solutions, community-based projects like clean cookstoves, technology and industrial credits, landfill gas projects and more.

Even more insight

Calyx Ratings Service subscribers can purchase Calyx Project Reports at discounted rates and get access to subscriber-only updates and insights.


Calyx Project Reports

Access even more information about credits’ GHG integrity risk and SDG impact and the evidence and analysis that support Calyx Ratings.

Read insights from our experts on where the key risks lie with regard to GHG integrity and how they have assessed projects’ claims of impact on specific SDGs.

Armed with additional insight, you can hone your search for credits that work best for your organization, perform deeper impact and risk evaluations and engage with more knowledge with internal and external stakeholders.

Calyx Project Reports can be purchased individually. Subscribers to the Calyx Ratings Service get a discount.


Calyx Data Integration

Integrate ratings into your platform. With Calyx Data Integration, you can include Calyx Ratings in your own systems and workflows or in your customer offer. Brokers, marketplaces and exchanges can include Calyx Ratings in their apps, and investors and traders can integrate them in their portfolio and risk management systems.

Your customers and internal users will value the opportunity to assess risk and impact alongside other attributes before they buy or sell, and with Calyx Ratings you can offer them an independent, evidence-based view.

Together, we can agree which data to integrate to add impact to your platform.